Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tragedy Time!

As you can see, I have given the site a Makeover! I think I'm gonna change it every Series ;-)

Well, Here are the two new judges! Some of you may know them, seeing as they are pretty famous!

On the right, Amber Lights, Truly AMAZING blogger. I simply love her blog, which can be found here

And on the Left, Violet Jane Newbie, another astonishing blogger. Shes sooo close to finishing her challenge of getting to 101 children, so i wish her all best in completing her goal. Her blog can be found here

The girls where all nervous. Standing in front of 3 famous Bloggers all at once can be a little nerve-rattling!

"Welcome to your first judging panel girls! I'm joined here by Amber Lights and Violet Jane Newbie, both who i know very well. They will help me decide who is staying, and who is going." She told them

"OK, it seems like you all enjoyed your first photo shoot. But one of you didn't impress us as much as the other girls. But on the other hand, one of you has one best picture this week! That girl is..." She stopped.

"Maura!" Violet called. "We really enjoyed your picture this time round, well done!" She added.

Maura Filled with smiles. She didn't expect to win best picture!

"OK, Next through is..Sophie!" She called.

"Well done Sophie, we were impressed this week, but it seems Maura just managed to beat you.

Sophie didn't mind that she hadn't won best picture. She was just glad to get through to the next round!

"OK, There is 4 places left..." She pondered.

"Next through is..." Amber said. "Maddie!" She called out.

"We all Loved your picture this week Maddie. Well done, your through!" She told her.

"Next through is Maria" Cadence said.

"We Felt this week you didn't give it your all. Your picture was good, but next time, give 110% !!" She said.

Liana was getting worried at this point. There was 2 places left, and 3 girls standing there. She was desperate to get through!

"Liana, i can tell your worried!" Cadence read her face expression. "But worry no more, because you are through!"

She felt a sigh of relief, and joined the other girls that where through.

"OK. Nevaeh and Kara, Please step forward!"

"You both tried your hardest last photo shoot. But one of you didn't try hard enough. Who though?" She asked.

The girls who were through stared at them in wonder. They where all good friends, loosing one of them would be tragic, but someone had to go.

"Nevaeh, you are through. Congratulations." She said.

She looked over at Kara who was shell-Shocked.

Cadence gave her a hug. "Well done for getting to this point Kara. Continue being a model, and you will go far!" She said.

"I will Cadence, Ill make you proud. Thank you for this opportunity!" She said.

"Your Welcome Kara. Now go out into the world and show them what your made of!" She giggled.

Kara, Is out! :'(

"OK Girls, you really need to all step up you game. The competition is only going to get harder!" She told them.

 After leaving the judging panel, the girls sat around the dining table and talked about the future of the competition.

"So, What do you think we will have to do for the ext photo shoot?" Maddie asked.

"I Think We will have to pose with Male Models!" Liana said. "Well, that's what i hope anyway!" She chuckled.

"I Agree with Liana. Male Models would be nice!" They all laughed together.

Nevaeh had other ideas. "I would like it if we had to pose with little children. They are so cute!" She added.

The girls all then went to sleep, with one bed spare where Kara used to sleep.

...Maddie suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. "Guys!" She yelled "Help!" She sounded completely out of breath. "I Cant breath! Someone call an ambulance!" She sounded like she was chocking.

At the dinner table, that night, the girls all had pizza for tea. Being the only vampire in the house, She didn't want to be rude, so Maddie ate the pizza, instead of  plasma juice. The Pizza poisoned her system as it had no plasma juice or blood in it. It was only a matter of time before her Vital organs would shut down.

Minuets Later, The grim Reaper appeared. Horror music played, and Maddie turned Red inside and out.

"Madison Everwhite." Grim Bellowed. "You must come with me." He continued. They then both disappeared forever.

The girls could only watch on as their friend was taken to the underworld.


The girls couldn't Believe it! They had lost a Friend all in a matter of seconds.

Amber and Cadence where sat in the Judging room when they heard the news (Violet had gone home at this point)

"Cadence, we have to do something! Anything! Our reputation will go downhill!" Amber said.

"What do you suggest we do then Amber?" She asked.

"We could always invite another girl to the house? Maybe one of the girls that didn't make it to series 2?" She suggested.

Cadence Nodded in agreement "Great Idea? But who?" She pondered.

"We need someone different to the other girls....Hmm.."There was a moment of silence while they both thought..

After a brief moment of thought, Cadence began to look through her phone and dial Numbers.

"Hello, Is this Alex?" She asked.

"Yes, This is Alex speaking. Who is it?"

"Hi Alex, Its Cadence Sierra!"

Alex Gasped

"Well me and the judges have recently had a 'Dropout' in the competition" she covered up Maddie's Death. Telling her a girl Had died would put her off joining the competition.


"We were wondering if you wanted to take her place in the competition?" Cadence asked.

There was a loud Scream over the phone. "Of course I'll Join the competition!"  

"That's Great! Thanks Alex!" She said

"But tell me one thing, why did that girl drop out?" she asked 

"Well..." Cadence wondered. Amber shouted at her in the background. "Don't tell her! Make it up!" She told Cadence. "The girl missed her family so much, she wanted to be with them, that's all!" Cadence thought she made a decent excuse up.

"Oh, I see! I'll come over as soon as i can! Thanks for letting me in!"

"That's OK Alex. See you soon." Cadence said before hanging up.

"She said she up for it, and she will be round tomorrow some time." Cadence said out of relief.

"Great! I Have to go now Cadence, I'll see you next Judging time." She said Before leaving.

---------------------------------THE NEXT DAY------------------------------

Alex arrived at the house early in the morning. "Wow, I cannot believe I'm actually here!" She gasped.

"Hey Alex, thanks for coming!" She said

"No, no, Thank you Cadence! Now i have a shot at becoming a model!" She cheered.

"Ha ha, Yep, I guess. But there is fierce competition here, you will need to work your hardest. No time to chat now though, we are ready to do the next photo shoot." She said.

"As you know girls, Maddie tragical di..."She stopped to think about what she had told Alex. "Maddie tragically Left us, but we have a replacement, Alex. Please be nice to her!" She Giggled.

"Now, on with the challenge. This photo shoot you are posing as boarded office workers in a dull, grey, office." She said.

"Your Job is to Jazz the photo up and make it look like a fun place to be!"

"Alex, you are new. Your up first, so show me how good you are!"

The Set ;-)

Alex's Picture

Maura's Picture

Nevaeh's Picture

Liana's Picture

Maria's Picture

Sophie's Picture

"OK Girls, Next time i see you, one of you will be going home..." She said.
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The Pose set I used in this post was Thanhmabo's Model pose set 3, which can be found Here

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  1. So sad that one of the girls died but.... gah! Sophie is joint for worst photo... no! Must save my poor baby.... lol

  2. Aww! Saphy, Sophies great, she will defo go through.. Ill make sure of it.... :)

  3. Hi! I have a question. The next series you do for Simmers Next Top Model, can you use my sim Yoomi Yakanura? I submitted her for Series 2, but I submitted too late :'( Here link is here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3972668
    Hope you can!
    XOXO, Ava Callum

  4. Oh BTW, IF you use her, for formal wear can you change it back to her everyday wear hair? I messed up and put her sleep wear hair :D

  5. Aww! ta Jalo! We can't have my poor darling leaving so soon can we? lol

  6. @ heyyiloveyou812 Ill make sure she gets a place next time ;)

    @ Oceansaphire Nope, Sophies one of my favourites! We wouldnt want her to leave would we ;)

  7. Nevaeh doesn't deserve to go home :( but great update !