Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Series!

Welcome to a new Series of Simmers Next top Model! 100 girls Applied, and Have been narrowed down to 7. We also have been searching for a host, and who better to host the show, than Legandary Cadence Sierra!

The 7 Girls Lined up in the front garden, Waiting for thier host to speak.

"Hello Ladies! Before we stat, i would like to say congratulations on making it this far! Hundreds of girls would like to be in your footsteps right now! Ok, are you ready to have your first Challenge?" Cadence Asked.

There where some nods from the girls.

"Great! Now, one by one, you will step inside the photo box, and you need to deliver a pose you love. This picture will be used as your 'Profile' Picture for the rest of the series. Ill see you when your all done!" Cadence said before walking off/

Well! Lets meet the girls!

Girl 1, Is Kara. She comes from Bridgeport from a not-so-wealthy family.

Cadence Says: Karas Pose really shows the rough side of her, and her posture is amazing! Although, im interested to see a more girly side of her..

Girl 2, Sky is also from Bridgeport, but her family where 3 star celebrities, so Sky is used to the Fame and fortune.

Cadence Says: I love Sky's Pose, its Elegant, yet comes across as 'hard to get' It will be interesting what she comes up with next...

Girl 3, Lucy is from Riverview.

Cadence Says: Lucy is sweet, and inoocent, and she has a great sense in style! but will she be able to show her rough side?..  

Girl 4, Holly, Comes from Twinbrook.

Cadence Says: Holly Is exellant at showing us her rough, bustly side, but could not perform when it came to shwoing a softer side.

Girl 5, Elle Is from Sunset Valley.

Cadence Says: I love Elle's Hair colour and style, but on set she was rude to the camera men, and didnt perform very well.

Girl 6, Riley is also from Bridgeport.

Cadence Says: Riley's choice in Hair colour is certainly Unique, and is great under the light, but Riley couldnt find any use in her hands or Body, so she delivered a plain, boring smile.

Kate, Girl 7 is from Riverview

Cadence Says: Kate was stiff on set, and her photos came out boring, but i can see her doing great commercial Shoots.

"Well Girls, you performed Perfectly! Now, Behind me is your new house! But, you will have to take care of it as you will not be having any maids or butlers." Cadence told them.

"That means we will have to do work! Euurgh!!" Lucy Sighed

"Now, now Ladies! You will be living together for the next 7 weeks! You cannot Fall out on day one!" Cadence reminded them.

"Shes so Stupid! What did she think? We are going to do all the work for her?" Holly yelled

"Oh Shutup Holly!" Lucy said sharply, hands on hips.

"Ladies, before a fight is started, shall we go inside your house for a tour?" Cadence stopped the girls arguing.

The entrance

Living room

Hobby room

Kitchen/Dining room

The girls Bedroom. Each girl was given thier own Double bed.

Next time, the girls will be given thier first offical challenge, and one girl, will be sent home! You can vote for who YOU want to go home now, at the top of the page! SEE YOU NEXT TIME!


  1. Great start! Cant wait to see how the rest turns out!

  2. I love it so far i can't wait to see the next one.