Friday, 15 April 2011

Makeover week!

I managed to Find Cadences Real hair! Yay!

The Girls have been setteling well into the house, finding things to do when they are not out moddeling.

Cadence walked in...

She gathered the girls upstairs.

"Hello Ladies! Nice to see you setteling well into the house!" She said

There where some nods from the girls.

"Now, Outside is a styling studio. One by one, i will take a girl in, and give you a makeover, so you can look professional for your photos!" cadence said exitedly.

"Now Girls, Please remember, there will be some drastic changes to some of you, but you have to remember these changes are for the best!" She added.

"No! What if she changes my hair colour!" Riley whispered to Holly.

Cadence managed to hear what she said. "Now, now Riley, these changes are for the better!"

"Kate, you will be first, follow me down to the studio please!" Cadence asked.

"Now Kate, Your hair is in dire need of a haircut, and we need to take that horrible eyeshadow away from your eyes!" Cadence said, pointing out her Flaws.

Cadence Says: I Chopped a little bit of tips, and added purple highlights, to complement her eye colour.

Kates After Picture

"Ok Lucy, your bleach blonde days are over! Im going to darken your hair colour to a more 'edgy' tone" Cadence said. Lucy didnt seem too happy about this!

Cadence says: Her new hair goes perfectly with her Amber eyes, and she looks sweet as a button, yet ready to rock!

Lucy's After picture.

"Ok Kara, we are going to tone up your face shape with a fringe!" Cadence said. Kara seemed to like this Idea!

Cadence Says: We added a sweet Fringe, and also took her hair down from that horrid ponytale! Now her face is extra round!

Kara's After Picture.

"Ok Sky, Like Lucy, we are going to Darken your hair and whip it back for extra volume!" Cadence told her.

Cadence Says: We didnt Change Sky very much, but now she looks more like a model!

Sky's After picture.

"I hate to say this Elle, but your Ginger Bob has got to go!" Cadence said Harshly.

Cadence Says: Elle still has ginger hair, but we lightened it to a softer tone, and hnig it up into a sweet Bun to take the rough edge from her look

"Cadence! What have you done! Where has my Beautiful hair gone!" Elle cried

"Remember Elle, all changes are for the best!" Cadence reminded her.

Elle's After picture

"Ok Holly, We are going to give you more of a feminin look." Shes said.
"Great!" Holly replied

Cadence Says:  We took her hair down from the ponytail/bun thing, and windswept her hair to give it an elegant look!

"Cadence, im not to sure about this! All the guys will laugh at me!" Holly Said, cross
"You will grow to like it!" Cadence said.

Holly's After picture.

"Now, your a tough one Riley. Im not sure whether to keep your hair colour, or whether to dye it another colour..." cadence thourgt out loud
"Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!" Riley whispered

Cadence Says: It took a while to decide what to do with Riley, but in the end we kept her colour, and tied it up!

Riley's After picture.

"Great! All the girls are finished!" Cadence clapped exitedly.

"Wow, Dont you all look like Models!" Cadence said, looking around. "In the morning keep checking your TV as you will get a hint into what the next challenge is!" Cadence said before leaving.

"Goodnight Girlies!" Sky said, last one to go to bed

---------------------------The Next day!-------------------------

Holly was the First girl to wake up, at an early time of 6:30am

She went downstairs. "CADENCE MAIL!" She yelled, waking the other girls up.

Before long, the other girls where crouding round the TV, as Holly began to read...

It read: 'Girls, for your next challenge, you will have to get your game on! Love, Cadence xx'
The girls where confused as to what this could mean, and what thier next challenge would be.

"We Are going to have to sell something, i bet! Im going to win this!" Sky Cheered

"In your dreams, Sky!" Kara said, Hands on hips!

"Welcome to your first challenge girls! Infront is a set, you need to play the video game console, and try to sell the game, and pose at the same time! Who wants to go first?" Cadence asked.

Trying to please Cadence, Sky opted to go first.

"Ok Sky, remember, you need to Sell this!" Cadence reminded her

Sky's Photo

"Thats a wrap Sky! Perfect!" Cadence shouted

"Holly, you are next" Cadence explained. "Now, show of your feminine side! Be sexy!" Cadence explained

"Will do!" Holly replied

Holly's Photo

"Kara, your next!" Cadence shouted

Kara's Photo

"Riley! Your up!"

Riley's Picture

"Lucy, your turn!"

Lucy's Picture

"Ok, Elle, its your turn, remember, you love your hair!" CAdence told her

Elle's Picture

"Good Elle! Ok, Kate, your up!"

"Kate, try not to be stiff in this picture, let yourself loose!" Cadence helped her

Kate's Picture

"Well done Girls! You all worked so hard today! The readers of this post will vote for best Picture, and the girl with the most votes will win a Peggy Zone Dress!" Cadence told them. There was then suddenly smiles on all the girls faces.

"But, the readers are also voting for the girl they want to be eliminated! The girls with the MOST votes on that, will be sent home!" Suddenly, the smile was wiped off every girls face.

Ok, Thats all for now! As Cadence said, There are TWO Polls At the top of the page. The FIRST POLL Is who you want to eliminate, so you need to vote for the girl you want ot be sent home! And the SECOND POLL, Is for the girl with the best picture this week, so you need to vote for your favourite on that!

Thanks for reading! And the results of this weeks Polls will be announced on Monday*, so you need to vote fast!


*The first Poll is closed, but you can now still vote for favorite picture! 

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