Saturday, 16 April 2011

Elegance week!

Before we start, I would like to intorduce you guys to our 2 Judges! Della Wriner, and Vanessa Wood! They are both 100 baby challenge mothers, and there blogs are here:

Della's is here and Vanessa's is here

They will be helping Cadence decide who will win best photo, who is eliminated, and also they will have some input on the girls ;-)

Well, Judgement Time! The girls came in, and lined up infront of Cadence, Della and Vanessa. There was not a noise coming from any of them!

"Hello Girls! Well, as you know, one of you will be going today! Me, Della and Vanessa Have been Talking, we have reviewed each of your pictures, and have come to a conclusion on who is going." Cadence explained

"Ok, the first name im going to call, and also the girl with the best photo this week is.....Sky" Cadence Called

"Sky, me, Della and Nessa loved your picture, and so did the readers. At home, you will recieve a Peggy Zone dress! Well done!" Cadence told her.

"Ok, Next through is......Holly" She called

"Holly, Vanessa has something to say to you" She told her

"Yes, Holly, i loved your picture! Well done!" Vanessa Explained.

"Thanks Nessa! Ok, next through is........Riley" Cadence called.

"Riley, your picture was good, but theres room for improment!" Cadence said.

"Next through is.............Kara!" She called again

"Kara, same as riley, you can always improve!" She said.

"Next through is..............Lucy" She called for the third time.

"Lucy, Della has something to say to you!" Cadence said.

"Yes Cadence, Lucy, i liked your picture! Maybe to improve you could work on your facial expressions?" Della said.

"Ok, that leaves Ella and Kate. Will you girls step forward please!" They Listened to Cadence, and walked towards her.

"Elle, you keep complaining about your hair! A true model loves her looks, no matter what!" Cadence Explained

"And Kate, your still stiff! Your picture had no emotion in it!" She said.

"But Elle, you are through to the next round." Elle was shell-shocked.

"Sorry Kate, you are out. But dont worry, you made it soo Far! You should be proud!" Cadence told her.

Kate....Is out of the competition.

"Ok Girls, well done from getting to the next round. I will see you in your next challenge!

Sky went home to find her new dress in a parcel!

Her Peggy Zone Dress! :-D

"Hey look, i match the room!" She pointed out

----------------------------------------The Next Day----------------------------------------

The girls are doing..Pretty well in the house! They talked at the dining table about who they think is going to win photo of the week.

Holly however, was busy making them all Breakfast.

"Holly, this breakfast is pretty nice! Thanks!" They all told her.

Kara Seemed to like it, although the mood in the house was not always as nice...

"Elle! You have not cleaned up your dishes from this morning! And you havnt made your bed!" Riley Screamed, Shes has OCD

"Chill Riley! Its only a dish!" Elle was in a much more relaxed mood than Riley

"DO NOT tell me to Chill Elle! Its not Just a dish, its you slacking off and leaving your jobs to the rest of us!" Riley had a good point.

"Riley! If its bothering you, then you clean it! Im relaxing, unlike you!" Elle explained

"Elle! I have had enough! Why are you even in this competition!" Riley screamed

"OMG RILEY! CHILL!" Elle said back.

This REALLY upset Riley, and so Elle recieved a nice slap!

"Omg Riley! Stop being a freak!" Elle said

This really pushed Rileys buttons, and she lost her temper...


As expected, Riley won the fight, and Elle was left with a bad back :(

Thier Fighting was interupted by Sky screaming: CADENCE MAIL!

The tv read: Girls, for the next challenge, you will need to let your inner women out! Love, Cadence xx
The girls had some idea as what this could mean, so they set off to meet cadence at the Challenge set.

....dont ask...i was bored!

"Hello Ladies! Ok, this week, we will be posing next to this elegant red chair. The idea of the challenge is that you will all be dressed in blue, and when you go into the red room, you need to stand out from the red! Dont forget to be sexy and elegant!" Cadence told them.


Cadence Says: I love Holly's Facial expression, it looks like shes looking at the sofa saying 'im better than you'! She has impressed my this week!


Cadence says: Lucy did ok thiss challenge, but i would not call her pose elagant, and i would say that the sofa won this picture over!


Cadence says: Sky is a dark horse in this contest, she always impresses me, and this picture just takes my breath away! She has won the picture over!


Cadence says:  I dont know WHAT Elle is trying to do in this picture, but it ..think.. its working.


Cadence Says: Kara...Kara...Kara..I said ELEGANT, not EDGEY! The sofa wins this time!

And Riley.

Cadence Says: Riley has pulled of this picture, but it looks like shes trying to sell the sofa, rather than hide it!

"Ok Girls, Like last week, the public will vote for who they want to be eliminated, and who has best picture! The winner of best Picture will win a Liana Sims Dress! Ok girls, see you next time!" Cadence Explained.

Ok, Thats all for now! As Cadence said, There are TWO Polls At the top of the page. The FIRST POLL Is who you want to eliminate, so you need to vote for the girl you want ot be sent home! And the SECOND POLL, Is for the girl with the best picture this week, so you need to vote for your favourite on that!
The Polls are closing soon, so get your votes in fast, and please, dont foget to comment! IT ONLY TAKES 2 MINS! thankyou!! xx