Friday, 22 April 2011

Pick a Judge?

As before, The girls lined up infront of the judges.

"Well, welcome back Girls! Now, shall we get on with things? The First girl going into the final 3...and the girl with the best picture this week is.......Holly!" Cadence said.

Holly cast a glance over at Sky who seemed to be stood facing the front like a statue.

"Well done Holly, two weeks in a row! You are in the final 3!" She told her.

Holly was Full of smiles, but from the Bacl of the room, Sky was filled with Envy

"Ok, the next girl through is, ............Riley!" She called.

"Well Done Riley! You impressed us this week! You are in the final 3!" She said.

Sky was getting REALLY Angry now, How could she be in the bottem 2?

"Ok Girls, Bottem 2. Only one of you can make it to the Final 3"

"Kara." Cadence Looked at her. " You have never won best photo, and you have been in the bottem 2 before."

"And Sky, you started this competition with A bang, but slowly, your light has faded."

"But who goes through?" Cadence Said, followed by a moment of silence.

"Kara. Congratulations, you are in the Final 3!" Cadence told her.

Sky's face was priceless!

Holly Looked away as she didnt want to make the situation worse.

"Well Done Sky, you sh..." cadence was interupted by a huge "GET OF ME!" From Sky

"I should of won, I am the only good model in the contest! Cadence, you are making a big mistake!" She yelled

And without Saying goodbye, Sky Ran out of the judgeing Pannel, and out of the competition.

"Ok Girls, moving on from Sky's Tantrum, Congratulations! Final 3! This challenge is a little diffarent though...Each one of you will work with one of us judges, and you will work with your judge to create a unique photo!" Cadence said.

"Ok, Della...Who do you want to work with?" Cadence asked.

"Ermm..I Pick Riley!" Della said

A huge Smile lit up on her Face

"I Pick...Kara!" Nessa said.

A smile also appered on her face.

"Ok Holly, so i guess its you and me!" Cadence said.

Holly seemed to like this choice.

Back at home, Holly recieved her dress for betst Photo.

Della and Riley where talking in the front room about what they would do for thier photo.

They talked hard and came up with many Ideas.

Nessa and Kara Where also Talking about thier Photo.

In the end they came up with an idea together that Kara seemed to liked.

"Holly, How do you feel about dressing up as a nerd?" Cadence asked

"Errmm..Ok!" And with that, Cadence and Holly had also chosen an idea for thier picture.

That night, The girl sat around the campfire and relaxed whilst Roasting marshmellows, before thier big day tomorow.

----------------------------------------The next Day--------------------------------------------

"Ok Holly, here is your set!" Cadence showed her.

"Between you and me, I want YOU to win. So make me proud!" Cadence Whispered to her.

Holly's Pictures!

Cadence Says: Holly worked well with the camera, and Stayed in charater the whole way through. I think my little words to her before the photoshoot really spured her on!

A little distance away stood Nessa and Kara, next to thier set.

"Ok Kara, Make me proud!" Nessa said.

Kara's Pictures!

Vanessa Says: Kara worked Really well, and coresponded well with the set i gave her to work with!

"Ok Riley, heres your Set! Lets get to work!" Della said

Riley's Pictures!

Della Says: Riley worked well with her set, and produced Elegant and Sexy photos that will be hard for the other 2 girls to beat!

Ok! Remember to vote for who you want to be eliminated and who you want to have best picture!
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Thanks Guys! x


  1. Another great episode. You make me want to do one of my own!

  2. Really good post as always Jalosims3 :)

  3. awesome post I love the photo ideas :)

  4. Thanks :) Its a little tricky thinking of differant sets for the girls to pose in but hey! :D