Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Series 2!!!?

The series 2 Girls lined up in Front of Cadence......What would happen next? They wondered....

"Hello Girls! Congratulations on making it to Series 2, and how exciting this series will be!" She said to them All. "But, as Exciting as it may be, This series is a whole lot harder"

"Now, You First Challenge will start at an early 6:00am tomorrow, so you all need to get plenty of sleep!" She told them briefly.

There where a few Saddened faces from the girls who didn't like the idea of getting up so early.

But, some girls didn't mind the Early start and looked forward to the morning.

"Cheer up girls! I know the house will put a smile on your Face! Go on and check out the inside, and i will meet you in the morning!" Cadence said before walking off to get ready for tomorrow.

As the girls entered the newly decorated house, there where some 'Wows!' Some 'OMG's and Some 'PINCH ME!'s

This series, the Hobby and Front room have a 'Teal' Vibe to them

Whilst the Bedroom Is painted a beautiful Sky Blue to set the Mood!

The judging Panel is more feminine this time round...

Maura Stood in the kitchen, excited about the cool and amazing things she would cook in the next few weeks....

...While Maddie and Kara, Who prefers to watch TV, stood in amazement at the sight of  the lounge.

All the excitement of the new house let time fly by, and as it reached a later time of 9:00pm, the girls decided to settle down and call it a day so they could get plenty of sleep for tomorrow.

"Goodnight Girls!" Maddie Called, not noticing they where all ready asleep.

"Hmm..Goodnight to Me then!" She whispered before getting to sleep herself.

--------------------------THE NEXT MORNING---------------------------

*BLEEP* the Alarm Rang. Time to get up!

As Some of the girls where just crawling out of bed at the sound of the Alarm...

......The Early Risers where eating breakfast downstairs, wide awake and fresh for the day ahead!

Kara, however, Was still fast asleep!

Eventually, they all got up and got dressed, and Met cadence at their next 'Challange'

"OK Girls, welcome to your first 'Challenge'!" Cadence Greeted them. "Its not much of a challenge for some, but for others, its a challenge of whether or not you trust my Advice!"

"I trust you cadence!" Kara Yelled out.

"Shh!" Sophie said to her, a little embaraced...

"That's right girls, it makeover time!" She said.

"Not my Beautiful red hair! Don't take it away! Please!" She begged Cadence

"That's the Challenge Liana! Do you trust me or not? Do you trust me to enhance your model look? Well anyway, Kara, your up, come with me!" She called.

"I do not think we are going to have to change you much Kara, Maybe just your makeup..." She said.

"Great! I can stay just the way I am!" She cheered....But not for long!

Cadence Says: We took away most Of Kara's Make up to give her a natural look.

"Cadence! You took all my make up off!" She said. "I look Ugly!"

"No you dont Kara! You look like a real Model!" Cadence calmed her down.

"Cadence! Please keep my hair the same!" She asked

"Don't worry, we will change you for the best!" Cadence told her.

Cadence Says: We got rid of her hairstyle to give her a relaxed look, and also changed her make up a little.

Liana Pulled up no Fuss after the make over, and Was glad Cadence had kept her red hair the same! 

Maddie after the make over

Cadence Says: We tied her hair up and added make up to change her look around, and give her an edgy side to her.

"OK, you have quite a Gothic look on you, so we will complement this!" She told her

Maria wasn't so sure...

Cadence Says:  We flattened her hair out and gave it a more 'fluffy' feel to it.

Maria was very happy when it came to looking in the mirror.

"Thanks Cadence!" She yelled.
 "That's OK! You a model now!" Cadence replied.

"Now Maura..."Cadence said before pointing to random places, making Maura a little self conscious.

Cadence Says: We didn't change her very much, expect changing her make up to give her more of a model look.

She too was very happy! "Thank you Cadence!" She cheered

"OK! We are going to change your hair a little!" Cadence explained.

Cadence Says: We gave her hair more volume to increase her look.

"OK, We don't need to alter your look, I'm focusing more on your face for now Sophie." She told her.

Cadence Says: The only thing different is her eyes. We gave her contacts to make her eyes stand out even more!

When all the Make-Overs where finished, The girls decided to spend their afternoon in the pool.

"Who's Going to jump in first?!" They all yelled.

Sophie decided to take the plunge, and Jumped in first!

"Come on Guys! The waters Great!" She told them

They all soon followed and made their way into the pool.

Except for Maura who was standing on the side, unsure about whether to get in or not.

"Come on Maura!" the shouted "Come in! Its so much fun and the waters hot!" They yelled

She eventually Jumped in, and Decided to have a breathing contest with Maria.

But she had to gasp for air a few seconds later!...

...Leaving Maria The winner!

Their fun was soon interrupted by the presence of Cadence.

"Get out the pool Girls! I haven't got all day!" She Yelled.

When they were all out, Cadence explained what she had come for.

"OK, You may of thought the make over was the challenge, But actually, your challenge starts right here, right now!" She said.

"Its a good job you are all in your swimming costumes, because in this challenge, you are going to need to sell your outfit by posing in them!" She told them

"What!" Maddie couldn't believe it. She didn't mind going swimming with some friends in her swimming costume, but to pose to the world would be hard, as she was a vampire. Meaning, she has cold yellowish skin, different from the rest.

"Its a pretty easy challenge if you ask me girls! But you can pose in which ever way you want!" She said.

She then stood in front of the set. "This is where you need to pose Girls." She said. "Maddie, you are up first!"

Maddie walked slowly to the set. She dint want to do it! She thought people might laugh at her!

But, She eventually plucked up the courage, and produced a nice picture!

Cadence Says: Maddie looks very much relaxed in the picture, although my eyes are not drawn strait to the Bikini when i look at it.

Cadence Says: Kara chose and awkward pose to go into, but she managed to pull it off well! But again, my eyes are not drawn to the Bikini!

Cadence Says: Sophie looks elegant, relaxed, and angelic. I can also see her Bikini very well, which makes me want to buy it!

Cadence Says: Liana Chose a different approach to the picture, But i have to say she has sold the bikini well, and looks like she is in paradise!

Cadence Says: Neveah also chose a different approach, but again, her bikini is visible, which makes me want to buy it!

Cadence Says: I'm not sure what Maria was doing, but it seems to work. The Bikini is again Visible, meaning a higher want to buy it

Cadence Says: Maura went for the same types of poses as Maddie, Kara and Sophie went for. She looks relaxed and happy, and the Bikini is well shown.

"OK Girls, for your first challenge, you did well!" She said. "But as you know, one of you has to go."

"Tomorrow you will meet the judges for the first time, where one of you will win best picture, and one of you..Will leave."

OK, That's all for this post! Like last series, you vote in the same way. Vote for best picture, and who you want to be eliminated.

I Hope you Enjoyed this first post of series 2! :-D Don't forget to Comment or follow! ;-)


(Oh, one last thing, My friend has a legacy but she was abit down today because she hasnt got that many votes for heir. So, please check her blog out and vote and im sure it would make her day!)


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