Monday, 18 April 2011

Jealousy time?

The girls lined up nervously as they waited for Cadence to talk.

At the front of the room, sat Della, Vanessa and Cadence, as they stared at the girls in silence, before Cadence began to talk....

"Hello Ladies! Well, last week we saw Kate go. But the question is, who will go this week?" Cadence began

The Girls all stood staring, wondering if it would be them packing thier bags and going home.

"The first name im going to call, and also the girl with the nest picture is.......Sky" She called her name out.

"Sky, wow! Two weeks in a row! We where all impressed with your performance this week, so keep it up!" Cadence told her.

Deep down inside, Holly was dying. She was jelous of Sky, winning two weeks in a row.

But her name was then called out, And she walked to the front.

"I Loved your picture this week Holly! It was difficult to choose the best Picture between you and Sky! Well done!" Vanessa Explained

"Ok, next up is.....Kara" She called as Kara walked forward.

"Kara, well done, you are through to the next round" Cadence told her

"Ok, next is...Riley!" She then called

Riley walked to the front.

"I loved Rileys picture this week! Well done Riley, im expecting great things from you!" Della told her.

"Ok, that leaves Lucy and Elle. Will you please step forward" Cadence told them

Following Cadence's Request, they both stepped towards her

"Elle, Your picture did not relate to the task set, im dissapointed in you!" She said

"And Lucy, you just didnt perform like a real model!" She told her

"But who stays, and moves onto the next round?" She asked

"Lucy, well done, please join the others" She told her

"Thankyou Cadence! I wont dissapoint again!" Lucy said

"Well Done Elle, you should be proud of yourself for getting this far! Congratulations!" CAdence hugged her


"Ok Girls, well done! I will see you at your next challenge!" Cadence said before dissmissing them

"Well done for winning best picture...AGAIN" Holly told her as they arrived back at the house.

"Aww thanks Holly!" She replied

"So, you gonna watch me open it? I wonder what it is!" Sky said, bursting with exitment

"Erm, ok" She replied, but she wanted the dress for herself...

Sky's Dress! I also changed her hair for some reason, it suites her better :-)

They then both went outside and relaxed in the hammocks. Holly was giving her evils the whole time!

At the same time, Riley and Lucy where goofing in the sprinkler....

But Kara prefered the pool!

Thier fun was interupted by Cadence Mail!


"Ok, Lets go girls!" Sky yelled as they left the house for Another challenge.

"Nice to see you again girls! Now, its good to see you all put on the dresses i have sent for you to wear! You will need them for this challenge!" Cadence said.

"Ok, Behind me is a pile of hay. In the photo, i want you to play the act of a farmers Daughter, who wants to escape the world and be a model. Make sure that comes across in your photo! Dont forget to be sexy and Elegant!" She said.

"Ok, Kara, Your first!" She said.

Kara's picture

Cadence says: Kara Defonatly comes across as wanting to escape her life, but as a not too sure

Sky's Picture

Cadence says: Sky looks like she has just done a hard days work, but it doesnt look like she want to leave

Holly's Picture

Cadence Says:  Holly has really impressed me this challenge, she looks like she is dreaming off in a far away land, she really hit the nail on the head!

Riley's Picture

Cadence Says: Riley opted for a common pose, but she still did the challenge perfectly!

Lucy's Picture

Cadence says: Lucy has shone through this week, she has done the challenge amazingly!

"Girls.....That was EXCELLENT! Im breathless! Me, Vanessa and Della will talk, and when i see you next, one of you will be sent home!" Cadence said.

Ok, Like Cadence Said, you need to Vote for Best picture, and you need to vote for who you want to be eliminated!

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  1. I'm sorry but I gotta say I'm happy Elle is gone.. never really liked her since day 1..
    I adore Riley though! =D
    Btw, your posts are amazing!!

  2. Thank God Elle has gone! She was Soooooo ugly :(
    please let it be Lucy next :)
    I really like Holly the best :)
    Sky is sooo annoyinggg :(

    I love your Blogs i read all of them!

  3. Heyy I think you know who this is! ;)
    it wont let me comment so i will use anonymous! <3
    I love this and will try to comment properly <3

    OOOOOO NOW ITS WORKINGG <3 Love you blog its amazing
    i love holly <3 Holly=REALLY PRETTY!

  4. This is really really good. I think Holly had the best picture and that Skys the worst.

    Who thinks that Jaclyn should not have been eliminated from America's Next Top Model? I do I loved her and I didnt think she did that badly.