Friday, 6 May 2011

Choose your Girl!

Hey Everyone! Yes, i know, I haven't posting in ages, but I promise, the Final post is coming soon. But, For now, I need help choosing girls for series 2.

 Below Are 12 Images, Of Girls that have been submitted to me.

 All you have to do, is look at them, pick your favorite 5, and vote for them in the poll at the side of this page. ( i have made the Poll let you select more than one option ;))

The 7 girls with the most votes will Be in Series 2!

Sophie By OceanSaphire

 Liana by LianaMasons

Nevaeh Sky By pebblezbabez90

Kara Lanoir by cattrz

Kourtney Finn by TheSimsCritic

Kia By Jeremina Sims 

Maria Also by Jeremina Sims

Akiko Ohayashi by Serena Blondiesim

Heaven by CatherineBell  

Madison (By me! I thought i might enter one of my sims)

Maura Clearwater By Liddie7

Alex by jack Tumilty

I have taken all the pictures for the series 1 final, its just a matter of time of finding time to write. Dont forget to vote for your favorite 5! See you next time, when Simmers next top model will be announced! :-D

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