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Friday, 17 June 2011

Amber and Violet's time to shine!

"Welcome Back girls!" Cadence greeted them softly as they walked into the room. "I'm glad to say we are back on track, after that little blip last week. Also, its nice to see a new face! Welcome again, Alex!" She said.

"Last week, you all posed as bored office workers." She said."Some of you shined away, whilst others took a back seat. One of, will be leaving today? But who?" She asked

"Well, Lets leave that until the end. Lets start with the good things, with winner of best picture this week!" She said, with a faint amount of happiness in her voice. 

"Liana, You are the winner this week! Well done!" Amber called. 

There was a moment of silence, in which Liana managed to realise that her name was called. 

She stepped forward with a huge smile on her Face. Her hard work had finally paid off!

"Congratulations Liana." Cadence added "At home you will find a little gift waiting for you" She said. 

"Next though, and runner up of best picture..Is Sophie!" Violet called out her name. 

"Well done Sophie. We all Liked your picture this week, but Sophie just managed to overtake you! Sorry!" She said.

"Ok, Alex, your up next! You may be the new girl, but you managed to shine through, even with some experienced girls here!" She said.


The nerves where building. Maria was especially freaking out, as there where only 2 spaces left in the competition.

Her nerves where soon put at ease, when cadence called her up.

"Well Done Maria, you are through also." Cadence said, cutting to the chase.

"OK, Maura and Neveah, can you step forward please!" There was a slight amount of sadness in her voice, almost like she wanted them all to stay in.

"Niether of you deserve to go, you are both shining stars, along with the rest of the girls. But to crown this seasons winner, we will need to sacrifice some of you" She said to them


She eyed them up and down carefully, looking at them completely.

Without babbling, she announced the winner "Maura, you are through, Congratulations." She said.

"Thanks for coming into the competition." Cadence whispered. "You are a great model, so go into the world and dazzle them!" She added

"Thanks Cadence. Will Do!" She said before leaving

And 5 girls remained...

"OK Girls, this week I'm going to have to leave you for I am taking care of Mikolaj's Kids while shes away. " She said.

"So you will be left in the very capable hands of Amber and Violet!" She announced, as the tension in the room suddenly lifted

"So make sure you are nice, and they will help you take amazing pictures, I'm sure of it!" She said, before leaving for the night

Amber decided to sleep over for the night at the house. Although, despite how many times the girls asked, she wouldn't tell them anything about the challenge that was coming up.

My Game Kinda glitched, and this is what Amber looked like for a few minutes. I couldn't stop laughing!

Night soon fell on the house, and the girls descended up to their beds for a good nights sleep!

To fill time in the morning, most of the girls decided to have a friendly computer game match.

Maria and Maura focused hard as they used team tactics to complete the levels.

Alex on the other hand needed some words of encouragement from Liana. "Come on Alex, we need to win! So close now!" She cheered as they Laughed over the game

Overall, they were never short of things to do in the house. Something always kept them busy.

Sophie on the other hand, liked to talk to her family in her free time.

Talking to the family always gave them an extra burst of happiness before a challenge, but it was also a sad ordeal. Homesickness was common in the house.

Waiting at the next challenge, stood Amber and Violet. They waited as the girls piled in in front of them.

"Hi Girls!" Violet Began. " As you know, Cadence could not be here at the moment, so me and Amber are filling i, just for this week."

Behind them stood a picket fence, a water slide, with other decorations, you would usually find in a family garden in the summer.

"You Are going to get into you bikinis, and we want you to sell the water slide for us. Make it look so fun, any family would want to use it." Violet told them

"Don't forget to have fun too girls." Amber reminded them "you all look so terrified!" Amber and Violet then stood aside, giggling, as the first girl took her place.

Being the first one down, Maura was pretty nervous.

A small trip when she took off, caused her to fall flat on her face as she went down.

Violet contemplated laughing, but them realized it would be rude. "Just go again Maura, don't worry we wont include that in your shot!" she giggled

Maura went again, and this is how it turned out!

Liana's Picture!

Maria's Picture

Alex's picture

Sophie made the same mistake as Maura had made, she slipped up at the same precise second, and Fell flat on her face  on the way down-Not a very flattering sight!

She sighed in pain, as she got up and had to look at all the girls laughing at her.

Violet couldn't help but smile, and Amber just cheered her on. "Go on Sophie, have another go!" She jeered.

Eventually she got the shot!

Series 1 contestant, Sky, Decided to pay us a visit to see how the photo shoot was coming along.

That's all for now! Sorry for the delay on this post, I have been a tad busy in real life, but hopefully i will have more time to play soon! :-)

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