Monday, 25 April 2011

Magazines and Makeovers!

The Judges Stared forward....At the end of the Judging, They would Have the 2 finalists. But who could it be?

"Welcome Back! Soon, we will have our two Finalists! How Exciting!" Cadence Said. "But...As you know, one of you must go home. The first girl going through to the next round...Is..." Cadence Stopped for a moment.

The three girls Stood Starked still, As if one of them was about to be shot. The tension was so high, you could here a pin drop....

"..Riley!" She called, and the silence was broken. Riley, congratulations, you are a FINALIST! You will be battling one of the other two girls out for the title, Simmers next top model." She said.

"Ok, So that leaves you two. Both of you, Amazing and talented women. But as we know, only one place is left in this competition."

"Kara, You had an Ok start, you didn't Shine out from the rest, but you did impress week after Week. But, Is Just OK enough to get you into the final?" She said.

"And then we come to you, Holly. You had a shaky start, But then You stood out from everyone else. You won best photo twice in a row, and stole Sky's thunder..But, in the past few challenges, you have let your talent slip.." She said.

"So...Who will it be? The girl who has amazing Talent yet to be uncovered, or the girl who's Talent is slipping..." cadence asked

"Kara, You are through to the final...Well done!" Cadence said.

Holly sighed...Part of her was happy she had got this far, And got 3rd Place, But part of her was mad, for not getting even further.

Meanwhile, Kara had a huge smile on her face, She couldn't believe she now had a 50% chance of becoming Simmers next top model!

"Holly..." Cadence looked at her. "What can i say! Out of the 100 girls that applied, you have made it to 3rd place! You should be so proud of yourself! Now, i want you to go out this room, and show the world your amazing Talent!" Cadence told her.

"Will do Cadence! Thank you for this opportunity! You will be seeing me on the cover of magazines soon!" She joked, before giving her a big hug

And then, Holly was out... 

"OK Ladies, There is no Cadence Mail this time, Because you are going strait for a makeover!" Cadence told them.

The Girls stood, confused. Makeover? Strait Away? Many questions where going through their minds

"You will need the makeover...For the Catwalk you are doing!" She let them know

Huge smiles suddenly lit up on their faces. Catwalk!

"OK, So if you follow me outside, we can get started! Kara, you are first!" She told them

"OK Kara...For the Catwalk, you are going to need to add a little more spice to your look, as you are a little dull at the moment." cadence pointed out.

"Oh, And you will also need to be covered in Makeup to compliment your look!" She said

--------------------------------AFTER THE MAKEOVER----------------------------------

Cadence says: We added extensions into her hair, and also gave her 'smoky eyes' to complement her hair colour.

"Now, Riley...I was debating whether to change your hair colour or not..." Cadence said.

"But, i think we will keep it the way it is, just change the look and add makeup!"

--------------------AFTER THE MAKEOVER-----------------------

Cadence Says: We also added extensions in, and made a loose plait to the side. We then added eyeshadow that matches her hair colour.

------------------BACK AT THE HOUSE------------------

"Riley...Are we still going to be friends after this?" Kara asked

"Kara! No Matter what happens, we will still be friends!" Riley reassured her.

"Great! And, by the way, Good luck on the catwalk!" She said.

"Yer, you too Kara!" She replied

--------------SOME BLACK LIGHTS, WOOD, AND FAIRY DUST LATER...-------------

The Catwalk was all set up...In the front rows on the left, sat some of the previous girls, Holly, Elle, Sky.

And on the right, sat the judges, and most importantly, Cadence, who would be watching the girls every move.

Behind the scenes stood Kara, who was eagerly waiting to go. The girls would be modeling 2 dresses each. A prom dress, and a dress for going on a night out. But Kara's nerves where starting to kick in, with every move she made. The butterflies in her stomach where kicking up a fuss.

But Soon enough, the Music started and Kara was forced onto the Catwalk, and into the limelight.

Her Nerves slowly disappeared, and she felt a powerful feeling come over her. But Riley was now walking onto the Catwalk too, meaning she had to go back and get dressed for the next walk.

As Kara's time was Finishing, Riley's was only beginning. They passed each other as they walked, and both of them felt pretty proud.

Riley posed at the end, under the watchful eye of Cadence. 

And then Kara appeared. 

Kara also posed under Cadences watch, But Della and Nessa where now also staring at her. But She wasn't fazed by the onlookers.

Holly was also admiring her. Holly wished she had gotten this far, but 3rd place was all Holly could get.

And Then, Kara's time on the Catwalk was over, it was time to walk to the end and finish.

As she passed Riley, they shared a look. A look of envy, a look of competition, Or a look of friendship? 

Riley got to the end and Cadence was judging her more than ever. These last moves meant everything, and if she screwed up, she could come in second place.

And within Seconds, the Catwalk was over, Or was it? 

"Ok Girls, you still have 1 more challenge before Simmers next top model is crowned. Want to know why?" She asked. And then, there whee some confused looks on the girls faces.

"You are having a magazine shoot! The girl who wins will get the magazine published! So i will see you tomorrow morning!" Cadence said.

By the end of the Day, they where both really tired out. "Goodnight Riley!" Kara said as she tucked into bed.

Riley found it hard to sleep, there was just too many things going on in her mind. Who would become Simmers next top model? Her? Kara?

--------------------THE NEXT MORNING----------------------

The next morning, They tucked into what could be their last meal together.

"Ok Girls, you know what to do! Work your talent! This is the last challenge!" Cadence reminded them.





"OK, Well done girls! No More challenges!" She said excitedly

Smiles lit up on both of their faces.

"Next time i see you, One of you, will be SIMMERS NEXT TOP MODEL!" 

OK, Heres the fun part! You need to vote for who you want to be Simmers Next top model, and NOT for who you want to be eliminated. So CHOOSE WISELY! 

I'm STILL looking for models for next season so if your interested, go here:

OK, Next post, someone will be Simmers next top model! :-D 


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