Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Search for Models!

Yet again, the girls lined up patiently, as they where stared at by Cadence and the other judges.

"Welcome Back Ladies!" Cadence said "Ok, The first girl through, and the girl with the best picture is...." She stopped

Sky was getting ready to walk up, expecting her name to be called.

"...Holly! Well done, you have best picture!" She said.

Holly was shocked, but Sky, even more.

"Well done, we where stunned by your picture Holly! Congratulations!" She said.

"Next through is, ....Sky!" Nessa called.

"Sky, Holly just pipped you to the post! But well done, you are through to the next round! Next up is..Riley!"  Cadence called

"Well done Riley! Join the other girls please!" She told her

"Ok, that leaves Kara and Lucy. Can you please step forward!" Cadence asked

"Kara, you have good potential, but you are not giving it 100%! You need to work harder!" She told her.

"And Lucy, you have no emotion in your face, like a robot!" She said

"But, who goes through?......Kara, well done" She told her. Kara then joined the other girls.

"Lucy, well done. You should be proud! Now, go out into the world, and show them what you are made of!" Cadence said, giving her a hug.

"Byee Girls! Good Luck!" The sweet Lucy told them.

Lucy, is OUT!

"Ok Girls, Final four! How exiting!"

"This Challenge, i will not be able to attend, so Della will be there to replace me! Good Luck girls!" She said.

Back at home, Holly found her package in the hallway.

Her new dress!

"Well done, you managed to beat me this week then!" Sky said sarcasticly.

"Yep!Guess i stole your thunder!" Holly replied. They have a love-hate relationship.

The girls then tucked into bed for the night.

The house is much more quiter now that pretty much half the girls are gone!

In the morning, they all went into the Hobby room. Riley on the laptop, Holly painting, and Kara and Sky playing Chess.

Nice piture Holly! VERY Artistic! XD

Thier 'Fun' was interupted by A new Cadence Mail!


They went to the challenge set to be greeted by Della.

"Hello Girls! Behind me is a brick wall, as you can see. Your job is to deliver an edgey photo, playing the role of a 'bad girl' Good Luck!" Della told them

"Remember: BAD GIRL!" She reminded them

Sky's Picture

Della Says: Bad Girl Certainly isnt the first thing that pops into my mind when i see this picture....

Kara's Photo

Della Says: Kara defonatly Pulls of an Edgey look, but needs to work on her facial expression!

Holly's Picture

Della says:  Holly Just about pulls of Bad girl, but is it enough?

Riley's Picture

Della Says: Hmm.. Riley looks like shes bending down to pick up something, not like a bad girl...


I know there is still 4 Girls in the competition, but the Finale is soon coming, so im starting to look for girls to enter the next contest. If you want to enter your sim, please follow the instructions on this post, and leave all the infomation as a comment! THANKS! Im looking for up to 30 models so get your sim in quick!


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