Saturday, 7 May 2011

Series 1 Final...

The two finalists Sat at the breakfast Table, In silence, with only the munching of food making a sound. Many thoughts where going through their mind. Would ii win? Would she win? There questions would soon be answered.

"Riley. We will still be friends, no matter who wins, right?" Kara asked, nerves running through her throat.

"Of course. We have both got so Far. Jealousy would just be stupid, we should just be proud of each other!" She replied.

"Great! Oh, and Good Luck!" She said, as she finished the last bite of her breakfast.

"Thanks Kara, you too. We better go to Judging, we Don't want to keep Cadence waiting!" She said before leaving...

---------------------------------------AT JUDGING---------------------------------------

As many Times before, Cadence, Della and Vanessa sat at the front of the room. They watched the two girls come in, as the tension in the room got higher and higher.

"Hi Girls!" Cadence said. "Excited? I know we sure are!" She added. "You have made it to the final, both of you. And you need to remember, your both winners." She told them

They both stood at the front, taking in what cadence was saying.

"Riley, You Have impressed us many times, you are truly Beautiful, and that shines through when you take pictures that take our breath away." Cadence told her.

A huge smile lit up on her Face. She never thought she would hear those words from Cadence Sierra!

"And Kara, it took a while but you have blossomed into a wonderful model. You have a great future ahead of you, whether or not you win today." She said.

Like Riley, Kara was stunned.

"Girls, the time has come. The winner of Simmers next top model series 1......Will appear on the screen on the right." She said.

Like Cadence had said, There was a TV screen hung on the wall. Any second now, a picture would appear and all would be revealed.

Every ones eyes flashed to it, and there was a brief moment of silence in the room. Everyone held their breath...

..You All voted! And your winner is....Riley! :-D

She couldn't speak, only Cheer! She had one! She was Simmers next top model! :-D

Kara Didn't want to show any emotion. She had promised Riley they would be proud of each other. But deep down, she was jealous.

"Well Don't Riley! Come here!" Cadence called her 

She gave her a huge hug, along with 1000 Thank yous.

And Riley and Kara got to say goodbye....

...Before Kara left...

Riley was just Shell-Shocked. She couldn't believe she had won! It was a 'Am i dreaming?' Moments for her.

"Well Done Riley!" She said. "You will get £1000 and a front page spread on Fashion Weekly, Sunset valleys favourite Magazine!

Happiest moment of her whole Life! :-D

Photo Of all the girls! :-D

Before Finishing this post, I would Like to say a HUGE Thank you to all the judges!

Cadence Sierra, a true legend in Simming world. You can view her Blog here

Della Wriner, An Idol to me :-D Her blog is amazing, so be sure to check it out here

And Vanessa Wood, A great friend, and Great Blogger, Pay a visit to her here

Well, I guess this is it for this Series! If you want any of the sims to download, let me knwo and i will try to upload them for you :-D
And also, the Poll is still up for series 2 girls, so be sure to vote on that if you have not already :-)

Next series is going to be a little different. I'm going to include life in the house lots more, and it will be whole lot more detailed. I'm so excited and i hope you guys are too!

See you Next Series! :-D

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  1. Amazing post! Great ending to the first series! =) I'm very happy for Riley :) I liked her from the very beginning (: